Seminars - 2001


January 4, 2001
Suzanne Mitchell, Ph.D., Psychology, University of New Hampshire
"Factors influencing the preference for drug and non-drug rewards"

January 11, 2001
Jacob Raber, Ph.D., Gladstone Institute of Neurological Diseases, UC San Francisco
"Gender- and isoform-dependent effects of apoE on brain function"

January 16, 2001
Donald Katz, Ph.D., Neurobiology, Duke University
"The dynamics of cortical responses to tastants"

January 19, 2001
Ronald See, Ph.D., Physiology and Neuroscience, Medical University of South Carolina
"Neural substrates of appetitive conditioning in an animal model of relapse to cocaine-seeking behavior"

January 22, 2001
Stephan Anagnostaras, Ph.D., Neurobiology, UCLA
"Neuroanatomic and genetic substrates of memory"

January 25, 2001
Scott Wersinger, Ph.D., Section of Neural Gene Expression, NIMH, Bethesda
"The role of vasopressin V1b in the regulation of behavior and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis"

February 13, 2001
William Timberlake, Ph.D., Psychology, Indiana University
"Niche-related learning in laboratory mazes"

February 16, 2001
Kara Gabriel, Ph.D., Alcohol and Drug Research Center, Havard University
"Effects of postnatal handling on animals prenatally exposed to ethanol"

February 20, 2001
S. Paul Berger, M.D., Psychiatry and Neuroscience, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati VAMC
"Translational research from cocaine sensitization to clinical trials"

March 23, 2001
Peter Rapp, Ph.D., Kastor Neurobiology of Aging Laboratories, Fishberg Research Center for Neurobiology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
"Toward a neurobiology of cognitive aging in the nonhuman primate"

March 28, 2001
Herman Samson, Ph.D., Physiology & Pharmacology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine
"Behavioral regulation of alcohol consumption"

April 19, 2001
Howard Becker, Ph.D., Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs, Medical University of South Carolina
"Repeated ethanol withdrawals: Neuroadaptive consequences and treatment implications"

April 20, 1001
Michael Miles, Ph.D., Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center
"A functional genomics approach to the neurobiology of drug abuse"

May 10, 2001
Toni Shippenberg, Ph.D., Behavioral Neuroscience Branch, National Institute on Drug Abuse
"Cocaine-antagonist effects of kappa opioid receptor agonists: Role of the dopamine receptor"

May 17, 2001
Kim Cronise, Ph.D., University of South Carolina, Columbia
"Critical periods of perinatal alcohol exposure on development of behavior"

May 31, 2001
John Pintar, Ph.D., Neuroscience and Cell Biology, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
"Genetic studies of opioid receptor function"

August 6, 2001
Willard Freeman, Ph.D., Molecular Neurobiology, Wake Forest University
"Functional neurogenomics of cocaine"

August 16, 2001
Robert Gillies, Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, Radiology & Physiology, University of Arizona Health Sciences Center
"Early detection of chemotherapeutic response using MRI"


October 4-5, 2001 Behavioral Neuroscience Symposium

Linda Spear, Ph.D., Psychology, Center for Developmental Psychology, Binghamton University
"Adolescents and alcohol: Neurobehavioral characteristics of adolescence and contributors to the initiation and progression of alcohol/drug use"

James McGaugh, Ph.D., Center for the Neurobiology of Learning & Memory, UC Irvine
"Brain systems regulating memory consolidation"

Richard Thompson, Ph.D., Psychology, Biosciences, Neuroscience, USC Los Angeles
"A memory trace found"

Sheryl Beck, Ph.D., Joseph Stokes Research Institute, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
"Stress hormone effects on hippocampal neural activity"

Trevor Robbins, Ph.D., Cognitive Neuroscience, Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge, England, UK
"Chemical neuromodulation of frontal-executive function in humans and other animals: Implications for neuropsychiatry"

George Koob, Ph.D., Neuropharmacology, The Scripps Research Institute
"Drug addiction, reward dysregulation, and allostasis"

Amanda Roberts, Ph.D., Neuropharmacology, The Scripps Research Institute
"Ethanol self-administration in mice: Role of dependence, withdrawal, and anxiety"

Joanna Peris, Ph.D., Pharmacodynamics, College of Pharmacy, University of Florida
"Ethanol-induced alterations in taurine homeostasis in rat striatum"


October 22, 2001
Margaret Wilson, Ph.D., Psychology/Div of Neurosurgery, Virginia Commonwealth University
"Changes in serotonin-1A receptor expression following experimental and traumatic brain injury in rats"

November 26, 2001
Amanda Sharpe, Ph.D., Center for the Neurobehavioral Study of Alcohol, Wake Forest University School of Medicine
"Ethanol self-administration: The effect of nicotine on resonding and consumption"

December 4, 2001
Ann Kelley, Ph.D., Psychiatry, University of Wisconsin, Madision Medical School
"Neural plasticity within corticostriatal networks in relation to learning and addiction"