Dr. Atheir Abbas appointed as new faculty member

05/03/19  Portland, Ore.

Dr. Atheir AbbasAtheir Abbas, MD, PhD earned his B.S. in Chemical Engineering and MD and PhD at Case Western Reserve University. His graduate work focused on serotonin receptor mechanisms as they relate to antipsychotic and psychedelic drug actionand associated neural processes. He subsequently completed his psychiatry residency and postdoctoral research training at Columbia University Medical Center where he used in vivo neural recordings in awake, behaving mice to study the circuit mechanisms underlying working memory with the goal of better understanding the neural basis for cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia.

Research Interests

·        The role of interneurons in regulating working memory circuitry and associated task-related information

·        Using advanced computational techniques toanalyze high density neural recordings to better understand how populations of neurons represent behaviorally-relevant information