Event Submission Pointers

"Description" Field

Basic header for the event should go here.  This will be the most prominent title seen by people browsing the calendar. For example: 

  • Visiting Speaker - Joe Q. Smith, Ph.D.; or
  • Postdoc Candidate - Suzy Jones; or
  • Ph.D. Thesis Defense Seminar - Charlie X. McScaredypants, Ph.D. Candidate
  • XYZ Journal Club; or
  • ABC Meeting.

"Series Title" Field

If this is a seminar or lecture, the seminar/lecture title should go here.

Contact Name, Phone, & Email

Very helpful information.  We would sincerely appreciate it if these fields were completed.


Please contact Kris Thomason at thomason@ohsu.edu or (503) 494-7765 if you have any questions.