Jennifer Buckman

Ph.D. Graduate (1998)

Jennifer BuckmanEducation

  • BA Psychology 1992, Rutgers University 
  • MS Behavioral Neuroscience 1996, Oregon Health & Science University
  • PhD Behavioral Neuroscience 1998, Oregon Health & Science University
  • MBA Graduate School of Management 2006, Rutgers University

PhD Dissertation

Glutamatergic involvement in susceptibility or resistance to alcohol withdrawal convulsions. (Mentor: Charlie Meshul

Postdoctoral Training

Dept. of Pharmacology, Univ. of Pittsburgh (1998-2001) 

Current Position 

Assistant Research Professor at the Center of Alcohol Studies, Rutgers University


Since beginning my research career as an undergraduate, my primary interests have been in the neurobiological and psychological basis of alcohol and drug use behaviors. As a graduate student in Behavioral Neuroscience at OHSU, I received a strong, well-rounded education that has served me well in my career. My dissertation project included research performed in Charlie Meshul's laboratory (mentor) as well as in Aaron Janowsky's laboratory. This project also included collaborations with Deb Finn and many of the staff in John Crabbe's lab. This is the culmination of what makes OHSU unique: it has a strong collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to science, particularly the science of addictions. I do not believe you can get a better education anywhere. 

Since leaving OHSU, I have transitioned into human experimental research on addictive behaviors. My current research emphasizes the intersection of physiology, psychology, neuroscience, genetics, and statistics to understand how a breakdown in body-brain communication can reduce behavioral flexibility and thus promote high risk drinking behaviors. More information about my current research can be found at 


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