Lab Alumni


Taciana G. Costa Dias

I worked in this lab for 3 years and my main focus was investigating the reward circuit functional connectivity in children with and without ADHD, taking into account the inherent heterogeneity of these two populations. I went to medical school in Brazil, where I also did residency in Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.   A few months after completing my residency training, I moved to the United States and joined Dr. Fair's lab aiming to start a career as a scientist. As part of this path, I received a Master of Clinical Research degree from OHSU and have since moved back to Brazil to continue my clinical career and begin a doctoral training at Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo city. My research goals are: to study the neurobiology of child psychiatric disorders in order to enable the development of more effective treatment and prevention interventions, and also to investigate cross-cultural differences in etiology and presentation of child psychiatric disorders.


Charles "CJ" Robertson, B.S.

I worked in the wonderful Fair lab as a research assistant. I focused on testing children with Autism and MRI scans in both ADHD and Autism studies. 

I graduated from University of Oregon, where I studied sociology and have been studying psychology as a post-bach student. I plan to go on to receive a Ph.D. in Industrial & Organizational or Clinical Psychology.


Chris Krisky, B.S.

My project in the Fair Lab focused on fMRI and functional connectivity in women with and without overactive bladder.  The study aims to better understand how the brain may be involved in overactive bladder in women. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, where I studied psychology.


Corinne Stevens, B.A.

I worked in the Fair Lab on a project evaluating the relationship between genetics, nutrition, toxins, and ADHD development using rs-fcMRI analyses in neonates and infants. We hope to learn how environmental toxicants, key nutrients, stress, genetics, and other prenatal health measurements relate to functional connectivity with and without family history of ADHD. I completed my undergraduate degrees in English and Psychology at Lewis & Clark College, including a semester at the University of Glasgow.


David Grayson, B.S.

I was an RA in the Fair lab, where my projects were two-fold. One was focused on applying graph theoretical metrics to characterize structural (DTI) and functional (rs-fcMRI) brain connectivity data in the typically developing population. The other was using rs-fcMRI in rhesus monkeys to assess the effects of n-3 fatty acid consumption on the development of functional brain systems. I graduated from Cornell University, where I received a B.A. in Neuroscience. I will be attending UC Davis' Neuroscience Graduate Program in the fall.


Katherine Rex, M.S.

I was a clinical interviewer and tester in the Fair Lab, where my projects focused on ASD and adult ADHD.  I am a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology from Pacific University's School of Professional Psychology and a member of my program's Child & Adolescent Track.  I plan to work with children, adolescents, and families in community mental health and school-based settings.


Michelle Fenesy, B.A.

As MRI coordinator for Dr. Nigg's ADHD Research Study, I conducted MRI scans and administered neuropsychological tests to participants. In that role, I also worked within Dr. Fair's lab training scan operators and assistants. I now work for Stanford University's Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences where I conduct psychometric testing with patients participating in studies of neurodegenerative disease. My future goal is to earn a PhD in Clinical Psychology.


Swathi Iyer, M.S.

I worked as a research associate in FNL. I graduated from University of Texas at Arlington in 2010 with a Masters in Biomedical Engineering.  I was involved in a project seeking to find the optimum ways to perform motion censoring in functional imaging, as well as looking at the effective connectivity, in comparison to functional connectivity. I use both MATLAB and R in my analyses.

Mahnoosh Nik-Ahd, B.A.

I am an MD/MPH student at OHSU completing my MPH thesis project under the mentorship of Dr. Damien Fair. My MPH is in epidemiology and biostatistics, and my research is focused on clinical outcomes relevant to children with ADHD. I completed my undergraduate work at Stanford University, where I was a Human Biology major. I plan on pursuing a career in academic medicine in a field where I can have the largest impact on children and their families.

Paul Cary, B.S.

I was an RA in the Fair lab where my projects were focused on functional connectivity changes in obesity and the relationship between rs-fcMRI and behavioral measures in adult attention. I graduated from Oregon State University, where I studied Bioengineering and plan to pursue a PhD in the future.


Hana Nielsen-Kneisler, J.D., M.S.

I am currently a graduate student in clinical psychology at Pacific University.  In the lab, I did clinical interviewing and cognitive and neuropsychological testing of adults and children.  Previously, I worked on an fMRI study at U.C. Berkeley looking at the development of executive functioning in children as mediated by socioeconomic status.  As part of my graduate training I also do therapy and psychological assessments with English and Spanish-speaking clients.

Shannon Anderson, M.S., CADC I

I was a research assistant in the Fair lab. My role in the lab was to work directly with children and their parents to help us better understand kids' clinical, cognitive, and neuropsychological concerns. I conducted clinical interviews with parents and administered cognitive and neuropsychological testing with our child participants. I am also currently a doctoral candidate at Pacific University. As part of my graduate training outside the lab, I provide therapy as well as cognitive and neuropsychological testing with kids and young adults. My goals for the future include becoming licensed as a psychologist in Oregon, continuing to contribute to research on autism, and helping individuals overcome challenges by discovering their strengths

Kamari Aykes, B.S.

I was a research assistant in the Fair lab with my project focusing on the functional connectivity of the amygdala in both ADHD and typically developing populations. I graduated from Rutgers University with a B.S. in chemistry and completed a post-baccalaureate program through Portland State University's School of Community Health . Community outreach is a passion of mine and another flourishing component of my involvement with the Fair Lab. In the near future, I plan to pursue a PhD in behavioral neuroscience.

Elizabeth Hawkey, B.A.

I was a research assistant and study coordinator who completed neuropsychological testing visits and MRI scans for the Autism and ADHD studies.  My research interest was exploring the familial transmission and co-occurrence of Autism and ADHD.  My undergraduate work was in Psychology and Art at the University of Missouri.  I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and would like to study neurodevelopmental disorders in children and adolescents.