Message from Training Director

How does neural activity in specific neuronal populations govern our everyday behavior? How do our experiences interact with our genetic background to produce our behavioral repertoire? Why can neural processes go wrong and how can we help individuals affected by mental disorders? If you are passionate about these and similar questions, our program can offer you the greatest adventure of your lifetime!

The research of training faculty focuses on the interplay between biology and behavior with emphasis on systems neuroscience, computational neuroscience, and behavioral genetics. The excellence of our training program is evident by the fact that we are currently supported by three NIH training grants from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, National Institute of Drug Abuse and National Institute of Aging.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds. We emphasize strong basic science training and substantial research experience. During the first year of our program, students complete an intense core coursework and several research rotations. The research rotations ensure a fit with a laboratory and faculty mentor. By the end of the second year, students have completed required coursework and a research proposal. Students then focus on their research. After graduating, some students pursue postdoctoral fellowships and others apply their expertise to careers in industry, government or communications.

Andrey Ryabinin, Ph.D.
Training Program Director

Andrey Ryabinin in mountains