Training Faculty

 The strengths and research directions of the training faculty affiliated with the NIDA and NIAAA research training programs represent four levels of focus, although most investigators are obviously not strictly bound by a given level. The first of these levels is represented by laboratories working principally at the cellular/molecular/biochemical level to investigate processes mediating alcohol and drug responses. The faculty members most closely identified with this focus include Drs. Buck, Grandy, Jahr, Low, Meshul, Neve, Ryabinin, and Wiren.

The second level of focus is represented by those laboratories studying systems mediating alcohol and drug-related responses at the neurochemical/neurophysiological/neuropharmacological level. Faculty working primarily in this area are Drs. Finn, Janowsky, Johnson, Kelly, Mark, Olsen, Raber, Rønnekleiv, and Williams.

The third level of focus is represented by those investigators studying alcohol and drug effects at the behavioral/pharmacological/pharmacogenetic level. This group consists of Drs. Belknap, Crabbe, Cunningham, Hitzemann, and Phillips.

Finally, the fourth level of focus is represented by investigators working primarily at the cognitive neuroscience/neuroimaging/clinical level and includes Drs. Berger, Hauser, Hoffman, Mitchell, Oken, Raber, and Stevens.

As illustrated below, there is considerable collaboration across levels of focus among members of the training faculty.