Postdoctoral Individual Research Training Grants

Bergeson, Susan (Mentor:  John Belknap)
F32DA005925: Gene mapping for sensitivity to amphetamine (1999-2000)

Bormann, Nancy (Mentor: Chris Cunningham)
F32AA05463: Effects of conditioned withdrawal on ethanol drinking (1996-1997)

Browman, Kaitlin (Mentor: John Crabbe)
F32AA005567: Serotonin Mechanisms In Ethanol And Thermoregulation (2001)

Ford, Matthew (Mentor: Deb Finn)
F32AA015234: Neurosteroid Modulation of Ethanol Intake and Reward (2004-2005)

Gabriel, Kara (Mentor: Chris Cunningham)
F32AA013785: Maternal Effects on Ethanol Responses in Mice (2002)

Graham, Alice (Mentor: Damien Fair)
F32MH105283: Early neurobiological predictors of executive functioning in toddlers (2014-2017)

Grahame, Nicholas (Mentor: Chris Cunningham)
F32DA05646: Genetic differences in cocaine-seeking behavior (1994-1995)

Grisel, Judith (Mentor: John Crabbe)
F32AA005486: Sensitivity to ethanol in mice lacking beta-endorphin (1997-1998)

Hawks, Denise M. (Mentor: Chris Cunningham)
F32AA05265: Stress effects on tolerance development to ethanol (1987-1990)

Hill, Katherine (Mentor: Chris Cunningham)
F32AA013226: Neural Substrates of Ethanol-Induced Place Conditioning (2001)

Keys, Alan (Mentor: Gregory Mark)
F32DA005814: Chronic cocaine effects on accumbal cholinergic circuit (1998-1999)

Mitchell, Jennifer (Mentor: Gregory Mark)
F32DA014735: Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Function In Cocaine (2001-2004)

Olson, Christopher (Mentor: Claudio Mello)
F32NS062609: Retinoid Signaling in Songbirds: Learned Song, Gene Expression and Neurogenesis (2009-2012)

Palmer, Abraham (Mentor: Tamara Phillips)
F32AA005600: Ethanol And Allopregnanolone--Common Genetic Influences (2001)

Panksepp, Jules (Mentor:  Andrey Ryabinin)
F32MH096475: Vicarious neural activity, genetic differences, and social fear learning (2011-2014)

Philibin, Scott (Mentor: John Crabbe)
F32AA017021: Genetic Mouse Models of Ethanol Withdrawal: Role of CRF and NPY in Anxiety (2008)

Raybuck, Jonathan D. (Mentor: K. Matthew Lattal)
F32DA031537: Neural Substrates of Recent and Remote Cocaine Memories (2012-2013)

Sharpe, Amanda (Mentor: Andrey Ryabinin)
F32AA014747: Ethanol Intake and Hypothalamic CRH Receptor Type 2 (2003-2005)

Tipps, Megan E. (Mentor: Kari Buck)
F32AA022011: The role of GIRK3 in ethanol withdrawal-induced changes in learning and memory (2012-2014)

Turek, Victoria (Mentor: Andrey Ryabinin)
F32AA015660: Urocortin, Dorsal Raphe & Ethanol-induced Hypothermia (2005-2007)

Wilhelm, Clare (Mentor: Suzanne Mitchell)
F32AA017035: Impulsivity and effects of alcohol in high and low alcohol drinking rats (2008)

Wood, Robin (Mentor:  Tamara Phillips)
F32AA005493: Ontogency of alcohol related characteristics (1998-1999)

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