Addendum to Behavioral Neuroscience Postdoctoral Research Training Policy

Additional Expectations for NIDA/NIAAA training grant-supported postdoctoral trainees

NIDA/NIAAA training grant-supported postdoctoral trainees are expected to participate in several activities as part of the training program, in addition to the responsibilities specified by the departmental postdoctoral research training policy. Postdoctoral appointees supported by other sources are also invited to participate in these training program activities, although their participation is optional.

Journal club : Trainees are expected to attend monthly and to lead journal club once each academic year. Most trainees will be asked to serve as a co-organizer of the journal club (along with one other trainee) for one year.

Annual retreat : Trainees are expected to attend and present their work in the format requested by the retreat organizer (e.g., poster, datablitz).

Seminars : Trainees are expected to attend the seminars sponsored by the department and/or the NIDA/NIAAA training program.

Six-month review : Approximately 6 months after the initial appointment, short progress reports will be requested from the trainee and mentor, after which the trainee will meet briefly with the DART committee. The goal of the 6-month review is to verify that we have a good match between trainee and mentor and to maximize the likelihood of this being a successful training experience. The 6-month review will take place only in the first year of appointment to the training program, and is in addition to the annual review.

Other activities that are optional for all departmental postdoctoral appointees:

Monday morning seminar : Faculty and postdocs make short presentations, usually of work planned or in progress, every other Monday during the fall, winter, and spring terms in Room 433/101 at the VAMC. All are invited to attend and to get on the schedule to make a presentation. Contact John Crabbe to get on the email list.

Issues in Behavioral Neuroscience : Weekly seminar class led by students, Wednesday in MRB 735. Contact BEHN Office Staff to get on the email list.