F. Responsibilities of the Department

In addition to administrative support for appointment of Postdoctoral Appointees, the department provides oversight of postdoctoral training within the department, including a process for annual review of research progress and career development. The primary mechanism for providing this oversight is through the activities of the Postdoctoral Training Coordinator and the Postdoctoral Training Committee, which are described below.

F.1. Postdoctoral Training Coordinator 

The Department Chair shall appoint a senior faculty member holding an appointment in Behavioral Neuroscience as the department's Postdoctoral Training Coordinator. This individual should have experience as a mentor at the postdoctoral level and, ideally, previous experience administering a postdoctoral training program (e.g., as the current or previous director or associate director of a postdoctoral training grant). This individual is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the department's postdoctoral research training activities, and for convening and chairing meetings of the Postdoctoral Training Committee. This individual is expected to work closely with the directors of the department's training grants to minimize duplication of effort and to enhance the overall training experience for Postdoctoral Appointees. The term of appointment shall be 3 years and may be renewed at the Chair's discretion.

F.2. Postdoctoral Training Committee

This Committee shall consist of the Postdoctoral Training Coordinator (who will serve as the Committee's Chair) and four other faculty members appointed by the Department Chair. These appointments should be such that committee includes either the director or associate director from each institutional training grant administered by the department. The primary responsibilities of this committee are to conduct the annual reviews of postdoctoral appointees (see Section G) and to assist in the overall coordination of the department's postdoctoral training activities. As noted earlier, this committee will also provide advice and make recommendations to the Department Chair related to implementation of the postdoctoral training policy. The term of appointment shall be 3 years and may be renewed at the Chair's discretion.