G. Letter of Appointment

Offers of postdoctoral appointments must be made in a letter written to the candidate prior to starting date of the appointment. This letter must include dates of appointment, the stipend level and benefits, the source of funds for salary or stipend, and contingency funding, if any. The letter must indicate that the appointment is subject to all applicable university policies, and should be accompanied by a copy of this document outlining departmental policies. Any additional information related to conditions of the appointment must also accompany the letter (e.g., NRSA Payback Agreement, contingencies related to future availability of stipend or research funds). The letter must be signed by the Faculty Mentor (or Training Grant Director in the case of training grant appointments) and co-signed by the Department Chair. The candidate for the Postdoctoral position must countersign the letter to indicate acceptance of the conditions of the appointment. A copy of the countersigned offer letter must accompany the appointment forms and will be kept in the Department's files.

Initial appointments for Postdoctoral Trainees will be for 12 months, renewable for additional 12-month periods subject to the availability of funds and other provisions of this policy. However, the total time of appointment as a postdoctoral appointee at OHSU and other institutions shall not exceed 6 years. Exceptions to the 6-year limit will be made only in extenuating circumstances after review and approval by the department's Postdoctoral Training Committee, the Postdoctoral Training Coordinator and the Department Chair (and Training Grant Director if applicable). If an appointment is not to be renewed, a notice of termination should be given at least 2 months prior to the end of appointment. The total duration of postdoctoral appointments at OHSU may not exceed 5 years without approval from the VP for Research.

Reappointment of Postdoctoral Trainees must be accompanied by a letter of reappointment that briefly reviews the Trainee's progress in research and career development, and that is signed by the faculty mentor and department chair.