K. Grievances

Postdoctoral Appointees have the right to grieve matters related, but not restricted, to the following areas: rights of authorship on scientific publications, appointee-mentor relationships, laboratory safety concerns, and discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, marital status, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability. If the grievance involves discrimination, it will be referred to the OHSU Office of AffirmativeAction/Equal Opportunity.

K. 1. Informal Procedure

Postdoctoral Appointees who wish to grieve a matter are encouraged to first discuss the problem with the individual(s) directly involved in the issue and see whether the matter can be resolved informally. Appointees who do not feel comfortable doing so, or otherwise choose not to, should discuss the potential grievance with the Training Program Coordinator, a Training Grant Director or Associate Director, any member of the Training Review Committee or the Department Chair. Whichever individual is initially approached will meet with the grievant and/or the person or persons complained against and try to reach an informal resolution of the matter.

K.2. Formal Procedure

If the parties are unable to resolve the issue to their mutual satisfaction through the informal resolution process, the grievant may file a written grievance with the Dean of the School of Medicine in accord with the School's grievance procedures.

K.3. Appeal Procedure

The grievant may appeal the final decision of the School of Medicine Dean to the University Provost according to procedures described in the OHSU Policy Manual. As specified by OHSU Policy, the decision of the Provost is final.