Assistant Professor - Computational Biology (School of Medicine)

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) is seeking exceptional faculty candidates to create the foundation of a newly formed cross-departmental, multidisciplinary program in computational biology.

As biomedical research becomes an increasingly data-intensive science, we believe that success will require a goal-directed, team-oriented approach in which innovations and ideas developed by computational researchers working on related problems serve to build on and enhance the work of all team members. We seek faculty members with a strong commitment to such integrated team science, rather than more a more traditional and siloed academic model. A successful faculty member will actively contribute novel analytic tools and results to a shared code base, while training and empowering others to apply and extend shared resources.

Research in the computational biology program will focus on integrative analysis of high dimensional, heterogeneous molecular and clinical data to infer predictors of disease-related phenotypes. Candidates should have advanced training in machine learning or probablistic inference, with a track record of innovation in a biomedical application. The computational biology program will support and develop innovative computational approaches to a range of programs in basic and clinical research. We welcome candidates with research interests in: 1) genetics; 2) immunology; 3) tumor microenvironment; 4) translational research.

Job Posting ID: IRC44751 (www.ohsujobs.com)

Research Systems Engineer (Research Associate or Senior Research Associate) - Computational Biology (Dr. Adam Margolin)

The Computational Biology Program at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) is committed to leading the development of next-generation patient care through discoveries made by big data analytics, enabled by values of open access data, open source code, highly collaborative team science, and professional software engineering methodologies. Critical to achieving this mission, we are seeking an exceptional candidate for the newly created role of Research Systems Engineer, which will provide key knowledge and skills in the specification, design, and implementation of complex data management and processing systems in support of biological sciences research utilizing genomics and other types of high throughput data.

  • Leads users in the process of defining informatics needs, use cases and operational concepts.
  • Creates and manages design documents that define a system environment with multiple components and systems comprised of commercial offerings, open source and custom design.
  • Creates and manages design documents that define data management and processing architectures. Is able to assess architectural fit to security, performance and usability requirements.
  • Implements and executes reusable data processing pipelines best on identified software and analytical best practices.
  • Maintains well-curated, highly structured, transparent “omics” data resources.
  • Documents requirements. Creates and manages a Requirements Traceability Matrix.
  • Responsible for establishing and maintaining standards for structured software & systems engineering, including requirements, design, code, test, quality, configuration & release management and project management.
  • Responsible for managing software development using structured software engineering best practices.
  • Responsible for configuration, change and release management of the system environment.
  • Responsible for problem resolution and risk management of the system environment.
  • Responsible for defining and estimating development tasks using industry best practice tools and techniques.
  • Communicates status, changes, issues and risks within the system environment to users and the leadership team.
  • 2 or more years of experience using structured engineering methods for specifying, designing, and implementing systems.
  • Current experience with architecture and tools for managing “omics” data.
  • History of successful full life cycle engineering of software and systems.
  • History of successful large data set management.
  • Experience designing and implementing with health information technology standards, open source, and open data exchange standards.
  • Life sciences and healthcare information experience.
  • High performance computing experience.
  • Experience with team-oriented software development.
Education and Experience:

Research Associate apply to Job Posting ID: IRC44713 (www.ohsujobs.com)
Master's degree with major courses in engineering, computer science, or related technical discipline field and 3 years of relevant experience, OR Bachelor's degree with major courses in field of research and 7 years of relevant experience.

Senior Research Associate apply to Job Posting ID: IRC44711 (www.ohsujobs.com)

Doctorate degree in engineering, computer science, or related technical discipline field and 5 years of relevant work experience.

Postdoctoral Research Position (Dr. Tania Vu's Lab)

A postdoctoral fellowship/research engineer position is open in the laboratory of Dr. Tania Vu to develop quantitative imaging microscopy hardware and software for visualization and extraction of cellular signaling information at the single moleculae level (Fichter et al, PNAS, 2010; Long and Vu, Biophys J, 2010).

The successful applicant will develop innovative software imaging algorithms and hardware to extract biologically relevant information from complex 2-D and 3-D spatiotemporal data obtained from single molecule imaging experiments. Must be comfortable with programming, imaging microscopies, high-throughput image acquisition system, and multiple-project based applications of core concepts. Biological background a plus. Numerous opportunities area vailable for application of the developed technology to both fundamental and clinically-direct projects in the areas of spatial system biology with focus in cancer and neurological disease. This position will involve interaction in team-collaborative projects composed of biologists and clinicians, physicists, and industrial partners.

Candidates considered for this position must have:
i) Recent (within last 2 years) Ph.D. in biophysics/optics/biomedical engineering or related field or graduate degree with demonstrated industry experience in engineering sciences;
ii) Expertise in microscopy/imaging/design of imaging software/hardware;
iii) Candidates must also have a PhD in related field and demonstrated ability for independent research, demonstrated ability to organize research results for publication and presentations, strong written and oral communication skills, and the ability to work as part of a collaborative team.
Job Posting ID: IRC43652 (www.ohsujobs.com)

Postdoctoral Researcher Position in Dr. Summer Gibbs Lab (Multicolor SRM Imaging)

The Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine and the Department of Biomedical Engineering at OHSU has an open postdoctoral fellowship position in the laboratory of Dr. Summer Gibbs. The postdoctoral fellow will develop a multiplexed imaging method for characterizing immune complexity in formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) human breast tissues. The overall goal of this research will be to understand the spatial relationship between the immune system and triple negative breast cancer where previous work has already demonstrated therapeutic significance of the immune component depending upon its composition. In order to fully characterize the immune complexity at least 20 protein markers are necessary which cannot be visualized simultaneously with any current microscopy technology.

This position will involve significant interaction in collaborative projects with teams composed of biologists, chemists, clinicians, physicists, engineers, and industrial partners.
Job Posting ID:
IRC44792 (www.ohsujobs.com)

OHSU Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine

Additional positions may be available with the OHSU Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine.

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