Course Load

Students plan their course load in consultation with the faculty advisor and/or the Graduate Program Director; one of these individuals must approve the student's course registration plan each term. All students are expected to register for a full-time course load during each of the four quarters each year. A normal course load is 12 credit hours per term.

Graduate Policy/Standards

Superior academic performance is expected of every graduate student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. The grading system  specified in OHSU's University Grading policy, centrally approved via the Provost's Office. The overall standards of performance are outlined in the School of Medicine's By-Laws of the Graduate Council.

Transfer Credits, Requirements Waivers and Exceptions 

In accordance with the SoM Graduate Council By-Laws, students may petition for transfer of graduate credit from another accredited institution toward completion of degree requirements in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. In general, transfer credits will be applied toward elective requirements. All petitions for transfer of graduate credit must be submitted to the Graduate Program Director.

Individual student requests for waiver of a requirement specified by the departmental guidelines must be approved by the Graduate Program Director. In the case of requirements specified in the Graduate Council By-Laws, it may also be necessary to obtain approval from the Graduate Council and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies.

Leave of Absence

Students are expected to register for every term until degree requirements are completed. However, individual circumstances may sometimes require an interruption of the student's program. Voluntary Leave of Absence & Withdrawal (Policy Number: 2-01-1112).

For more information on vacation and sick leave, visit School of Medicine's Forms & Policies page.

  • Vacation and Sick Leave Policy

For more information on Leave of Absence, visit OHSU's Registrar General Forms & Information page.

  • Withdrawal Leave of Absence Form
  • LOA Health Care Provider Attestation
  • Return from LOA Health Care Provider Attestation

Time Constraints

Students are expected to complete various program requirements according to the general timetable. Furthermore, the SoM Graduate Council By-Laws limit the time period from matriculation to granting the Ph.D. degree to 7 calendar years.