New Student: John Butler

10/01/17  Portland, Ore.

John Butler

John Butler

About me:

I am a MD/PhD student originally hailing from Rhode Island. Prior to joining the MSTP program at OHSU, I worked as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in molecular diagnostics and transfusion medicine, and spent many years as a research associate in the lab of Jeanne Lawrence at UMASS Medical School. In the Lawrence Lab, I worked to optimize the cultivation of human embryonic stem cells, and studied their nuclear structure. Now as a member of the Kurre Lab, my research is focused on understanding how leukemia impacts the bone marrow microenvironment and causes hematopoietic dysfunction. With the help of Xiaolin Nan, I am working on visualizing the interaction between leukemia-derived extracellular vesicles and hematopoietic stem cells using super resolution microscopy.

Education History:

University of Rhode Island, BS in Medical Laboratory Science