New Student: Kyle Gustafson

10/13/16  Portland, Ore.

Kyle Gustafson

Kyle Gustafson

About me:

While at UC San Diego, I studied materials science at the nanoscale in a joint BS/MS program.
I researched the impact of red light on the curvilinear velocity and swimming force of sperm cells in Dr. Michael Berns' Cellular Biophotonics Lab. Later, I synthesized two-dimensional semiconducting nanocrystals from the thermolysis decomposition of metal alkanethiolate precursors in Dr. Andrea Tao's Nanoscale Interfaces and Assembly Lab. My primary research interest, however, is developing nanoscale components for biomedical sensors, which I will pursue at OHSU under Dr. Sadik Esener.

Education History:

University of California, San Diego, MS NanoEngineering, BS NanoEngineering