New Student: Matthew Rames

10/01/17  Portland, Ore.

Matthew Rames

Matthew Rames

About me:

I'm a California bay area native and I graduated from UCSC with B.S. degrees in both Chemistry and Marine Biology. After graduation I spent 4 years at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory focusing on Transmission Electron Microscopy technique development and applications, especially toward imaging individual dynamic proteins at high resolution. Super Resolution Microscopy (SRM) fascinated me, and this drove me to join Dr. Xiaolin Nan's lab at OHSU. Through a joint collaboration with the growing Cancer Early Detection and Research institute, I am excited to develop SRM workflows toward imaging cancer-derived exosomes and other early detection biomarkers. When away from the lab, I'm a huge fan of badminton and hiking.

Education History:

University of California, Santa Cruz, BS in Chemistry
University of California, Santa Cruz, BS in Marine Biology