OHSU-OCSSB Imaging Symposium 2013

05/07/13  Portland, Ore.

Cellular Imaging at the Nanoscale

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine (OCSSB) and School of Medicine (SoM) are pleased to announce: "Cellular Imaging at the Nanoscale". The 2013 Symposium will showcase cutting-edge microscopy technologies that can be used to image biological systems at high resolution.


Time and Location

8am - 5pm, June 27 - 28, 2013

OHSU Old Library Auditorium3181 SW Sam Jackson Park RoadPortland, OR 97239


Presentations and Guest Speakers

Presentations and discussions will focus on imaging cellular systems in four dimensions (4D), novel tools and probes for imaging, super-resolution microscopy (SRM), and electron microscopy.

Outside experts will share their research programs with the community. The following guest speakers will be in attendance:

  • Dr. Eric Betzig (Janelia Farm)Imaging Life at High Spatiotemporal Resolution
  • Dr. Alan Gara (Intel)Exascale Computing and Biomedical Research
  • Dr. Alice Ting (MIT)Mapping proteomes and imaging proteins with enzyme-based reporters in living cells
  • Dr. Alan Waggoner (CMU)Fluorescent biosensors for cell regulation pathways
  • Dr. Roger Wepf (ETH - EMEZ)3D Correlative Light and Scanning Electron Microscopy

Other talks will be presented by researchers from OHSU, Portland State University (PSU), Reed, FEI, and Life Technologies. Discussions will focus on how advanced imaging methods have transformed our understanding of different cellular systems, including cancer cells, neurons, and pathogenic bacteria.


Cellular Imaging at the Nanoscale Program (.pdf)

Poster Session on Friday (11:30am)

A poster session will feature research from graduate students, postdocs, and other scientists.  Poster Abstracts



For inquiries, please contact nanoscale2013@ohsu.edu.


This event is supported by the School of Medicine Research Roadmap and fulfills a key Roadmap goal: enhance the ability of OHSU researchers to form collaborative focus groups or consortiums in pursuit of interdisciplinary research and innovative funding. Learn more at www.ohsu.edu/researchroadmap.