New online platform for submitting limited submission applications and more

06/29/15  Portland, Ore.

OHSU has a new online Competitive Application Portal (CAP) for managing applications and review. Sponsored by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research, in collaboration with the Knight Cancer Institute and OCTRI, this platform streamlines the process of applying for the following types of funding:

  • Bridge Support
  • Pilot Grants
  • Other OHSU-sponsored funding
  • Limited Submissions
  • Awards
Comp Submission

Who will be using it? You will, if you apply for limited submissions, OHSU bridge funding, and several other OHSU-sponsored awards (e.g. pilot funds from OHSU institutes or centers, fellowships). You will also use it if you’re reviewing for these opportunities. Finally, if you yourself are an OHSU sponsor–let’s say you have a T32 program and you want to make it available to OHSU applicants and even those outside the institution–you may want to use this tool.

CAP allows applicants to see upcoming funding competitions, track deadlines, access application materials, and receive automatic notifications on application status. It also provides automatic routing to reviewers, streamlined communications, and tracking of award information (e.g. success rates, number of  applicants per competition) through its reporting function.

Please note: CAP is not in any way connected to, or a replacement for, InfoEd. (It’s licensed byInfoReady, which is a different company.) All grant applications will continue to be submitted through existing channels.

Please contact with questions or if you would like to set up a competition.