OHSU-Intel video: The power of innovative collaboration

02/24/14  Portland, OR

Since announcing their major collaboration last year, OHSU and Intel have been hard at work launching their multi-year research and engineering initiative.

The alliance is developing next-generation computing technologies to advance the field of personalized medicine and drive scientific progress in understanding the genetic origins of illness. Collaborators are beginning with cancer but applications to personalized medicine will occur in multiple areas including neurological disorders, cardiovascular disease, rare diseases and others.

So what’s been happening lately? Engineers and scientists are building hardware, software and workflow solutions for Intel’s extreme-scale, high-performance computing solutions to address the unprecedented volume of complex biomedical data.

The team’s first projects are focused on genetic profiling of patients’ tumors to look for patterns in how the disease progresses and how to relate this information to how the tumor will respond to treatment.

By working together, the two institutions hope to dramatically increase the speed, precision and cost-effectiveness of analyzing a patient’s individual genetic profile.

To illustrate the effort, OHSU and Intel recently produced a video discussing the alliance’s goals with cancer.


Click here to view the video