Neuroengineering research involves the application of engineering principles and technologies in the conduct of basic neuroscience research and in the pursuit of new methodologies and devices for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and remediation of neurological problems. Neuroengineering research at OHSU is done both within the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) and in other OHSU units.

This research is an integral part of the many strong basic and clinical neuroscience programs within the university. OHSU has one of the largest concentrations of neuroscientists in the country. Graduate students in BME with an interest in neuroengineering do research in the laboratories of advisors both within BME and in other departments and institutes.

Research Projects
Nanobiotechnology and Neuroengineering

Fay Horak
Peter Jacobs
Tania Vu

Peter Jacobs Lab
Tania Vu Lab