Dr. CoussensThe overarching mission of the OHSU Department of Cell, Developmental & Cancer Biology is to advance the understanding of problems relevant to human health and disease. To accomplish this mission, research groups in the department have historically focused on questions regarding cell structure, organelles, life cycle, differentiation, and regulated communication between cells and extracellular signals and cues. An ultimate application of knowledge gained from these studies has been to understand important cell physiologic processes that effect human biology. These issues directly link to problems of interest to developmental biologists, including molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating tissue morphogenesis, tissue polarity and patterning. Read more

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Recent CDCB publications:

CDCB Recognitions:
Congratulations to Ryan Lane, recipient of the 2019 Outstanding Journal Article: Basic Science award, for his research article, “IFNγ-activated dermal lymphatic vessels inhibit cytotoxic T cells in melanoma and inflamed skin.”

CDCB News:
Congratulations to Lisa Coussens, Ph.D., who has recently been honored as a fellow of the American Association for Cancer Research Academy. Read more here, on the Knight News blog, and here, from AACR. 

CDCB's Pepper Schedin, Ph.D., will be giving  the talk, Young Women's Breast Cancer - What is the Role of Pregnancy? at the Susan G. Komen event, 2019 Regional Breast Cancer Issues Conference. Check here for more info. 

Knight News: 
Congratulations to Amanda Lund, Ph.D., and Sudarshan Anand, Ph.D., the first to receive KCI's new leadership awards funded by the Betty Hise Foundation.

Inside SOM:
Congratulations to Caroline Enns, Ph.D., an author on SOM's January, 2019 Paper of the Month, VIPER is a genetically encoded peptide tag for fluorescence and electron microscopy

CDCB News:
A collaborative research effort co-led by Pepper Schedin, Ph.D., finds that breast cancers diagnosed in young women within 10 years of giving birth are more likely to metastasize than breast cancers in young women who gave birth more than ten years ago, or not at all. 
Read the published article, Association Between Postpartum Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Metastasis and the Clinical Features Underlying Riskhere. In the press: Medical Xpress, Oncology Learning Network

Recent CDCB publications:

CDCB Recognitions:
Congratulations to Philip Copenhaver, Ph.D., on his new grant, Normal and abnormal control of APP signaling.

Onward Stories:
OHSU Foundation's Onward campaign recently featured three CDCB faculty members, Sudarshan Anand, Ph.D., Amy Moran, Ph.D. and Naoki Oshimori, Ph.D., in the article Chasing Down Cancer

Recent CDCB and Knight Cancer publications:
Lund Lab published IFNγ-activated dermal lymphatic vessels inhibit cytotoxic T cells in melanoma and inflamed skin. The article was highlighted here in Nature Reviews Cancer. 

Knight News:
Congratulations to Lisa Coussens, Ph.D., honored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science as an elected AAAS Fellow for her pioneering studies in tumor biology.

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