Graduate Program Alumni

Elizabeth Sunderhaus
Thesis: Identifying the Pathogenic Mechanisms of Swiss-Cheese Phenotypes to Understand Neuropathy Target Esterase Associated Disorders
Class of 2018

Eleonora Juarez
Thesis: Cellular Pathways in the Repair and Tolerance of Formaldehyde-Induced DNA-Protein Crosslinks
Class of 2017

Nichole Owen
Thesis: PARP inhibitor:  abrogation of chromosomal radial-induced mitotic cell death and induction of multipolar division via loss of centrosome integrity
Class of 2015

Jonathan Nelson
Thesis: Disruption of Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase Dimerization as a Novel Therapeutic Target for Stroke
Class of 2013

Kristine Alexander
Thesis: Characterization of γ' Fibrinogen as a Cardiovascular Risk Marker
Class of 2012

Ray Hickey
Thesis: Novel Cell Therapies for Liver Disease and Type 1 Diabetes
Class of 2011

Jennifer Redig
Thesis: A Novel CRELD1 / VEGF Genetic Interaction in Heart Disease and Development
Class of 2011

Eric Stoffregen
Thesis: Genetic Analysis of Chromosome Replication Timing: An autosomal locus that controls chromosome - wide chromosome timing and moo-allelic expression
Class of 2011

Deanne Tibbets
Thesis: Characterization of Aberrant c-Myc Phosphorylation and Stability in Acute Myeloid and Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Class of 2011

Xiaoli Zhang
Thesis: Regulation of c-Myc phosphorylation, protein stability and oncogenic activity in breast cancer
Class of 2011

Jennifer Johnson
Thesis: Genetic analysis of diverse mechanisms of DNA mismatch repair in mammalian cells
Class of 2010

Erik LeShane
Thesis: Structural organization and mechanisms of cooperativity in the N-terminal domains of the human Cu-ATPases
Class of 2010

Brenda Polster
Thesis: Regulation and expression of genes associated with neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation
Class of 2010

Chantelle Rein
Thesis: Genetic regulation of the expression of two fibrinogen gamma chain splice variants by inflammatory cytokines and fibrin degradation products
Class of 2010

Kristin Sauter
Thesis: Ribotoxic Stressors: Shiga toxin (Stx) and doxorubicin
Class of 2010

Adria Dismuke
Thesis: Wnt signaling in the mouse small intestine
Class of 2009

Ben DeGraaf
Thesis: Cellular response pathways of formaldehyde
Class of 2009

Ashleigh Miller
Thesis: Stochastic gene alterations for the study of intestinal homeostasis and cancer
Class of 2009

Sylvia Nelsen
Thesis: Cloning and characterization of  Xenopus laevis proprotein convertases and identification of endogenous convertases of bone morphogenetic protein 4
Class of 2009

Jon Oyer
Thesis: Changes in DNA methylation and histone modification during epigenetic transitions
Class of 2009

Kevin Friedman
Thesis: Augmenting the efficacy of adoptive T cell immunotherapy of cancer
Class of 2009

Julie Escamilla Powers
Thesis: Identification of proteins that regulate c-Myc dtability and function
Class of 2009

Kevin McCabe
Thesis:  The role of hERCC1 in the Fanconi Anemia pathway
Class of 2008

Beth Wilmot
Thesis:  Gene mapping in complex traits: gene expression profiling and copy number variability in gene mapping of age-related cognitive decline
Class of 2008

Xiao-Xin Sun
Thesis: Regulation of the p53-MDM2 feedback loop by nucleostemin and Ribosomal proteins
Class of 2008

Hugh Arnold
Thesis: The roles of a specific PP2A holoenzyme, PP2A-B56α, and Scaffold protein, Axin1, in regulating the potent oncoprotein c-Myc
Class of 2008

Jodi Johnson
Thesis: The p53 family interacting pathways in carcinogenesis and cellular response to DNA damage
Class of 2007

Priscilla Fernandes
Thesis: Mutagenic consequences of replication bypass of N3 Uracil DNA adducts
Class of 2006

Wendy Knosp
Thesis: Quantitative analysis of HOXA13 function in the developing limb
Class of 2006

Carley Shaut
Thesis: Hoxa13 is esential for placental vascular patterning and endothelial cell integrity
Class of 2006

Sara Tokarz
Thesis:  Characterization of the SCFskp2 substrate, UBP43, on ISGIS isopeptidase
Class of 2005

Patrice Held
Thesis: Correction of liver disease and renal tubular dysfunction by genetic selection
Class of 2005

Mushui Dai
Thesis: Regulation of the MDM2-p53 feedback loop by ribosomal proteins
Class of 2005

Anuj Mankad
Thesis: Mutation analysis in twins with Fanconi Anemia and modifications to a gene mapping technique
Class of 2005

Scott Houghtaling
Thesis: Fancd2 in epithelial cancer and DNA repair
Class of 2005

Amy Hanlon Newell
Thesis: Investigation of chromosome aberrations in response to interstrand crosslink damage
Class of 2005

David Jacobson
Thesis: Transcriptional regulation and functional analysis of SK3
Class of 2003

Sara Fagerlie
Thesis: Signaling defects in Fanconi Anemia group C cells
Class of 2002

Matthew Lensch
Thesis:  Clonal selection: The leukemic process in Fanconi Anemia
Class of 2002

Gameil Fouad
Thesis:  Investigating the biological role of CRELD1, a candidate gene for congenital heart defects, using a yeast two-hybrid interaction screen and by targeted deletion in vivo
Class of 2002

Melissa Gonzales McNeal
Thesis: Genetic markers for cognitive health in the very old
Class of 2001

Phuoc Tran
Thesis: Functional studies on the cadidate ATPase domains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae MutLα
Class of 2001

Paul Rupp
Thesis: Characterization of cirrin, a candidate for congenital heart defects in 3p-syndrome
Class of 2000

Jennifer Rhodes
Thesis: Analysis of CrKL and Stat5 interactions in Bcr-Abl-expressing and cytokine stimulated cells
Class of 2000

Robert Burman
Thesis: Stability of the fragile X CGG repeat in somatic cells
Class of 2000

Kimberly Bussey
Thesis: Gentic alterations in pediatric germ cell tumors
Class of 2000

Kelly Gaiser
Thesis: The analysis of transgenic mice with mutations involving cartilage extracellular matrix proteins, type II collagen and cartilage oligoneric matrix protein
Class of 2000

Kenneth Grossman
Thesis: DNA repair and cell cycle checkpoints in response to DNA interstrand cross-linking agents in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Class of 2000

Denise Quigley
Thesis: Physiological and pharmacological characterization of the nociceptin/orphanin FQ system
Class of 2000

Erica Shelley
Thesis: Mechanisms ensuring genomic iIntegrity in yeast
Class of 2000

Kara Manning
Thesis: Genetic studies of reversion in hereditary Tyrosinemia type I
Class of 2000