Program Requirements

Graduate students in the department of Molecular Microbiology & Immunology must fullfill both MMI and PMCB requirements with a grade of B- or better. Requirements include: 

MMI requirements

  • At least three elective graduate courses of three or more graded credits each offered by MMI or other departments or CONJ courses. The MMI courses are MBIM 615 (Dynamic Interface between Pathogen and Host), MBIM 608 (Advanced Virology) and MBIM 612 (Advanced Immunology). MIBIM 610 (Introduction to Immunology) is a 2-credit course offered every year in the winter term, and is strongly recommended for first year students who are interested in joining MMI but who may not have completed an introductory immunology course or an immunology section of a comprehensive undergraduate microbiology course. As a 2-credit course, it does not count towards the three graduate course requirement. Students are expected to take courses related to their thesis topic, in consultation with their advisor and committee.
  • MBIM 605 One of the MMI journal clubs. Required every term.
  • MBIM 607 MMI Department Seminar Series. Required every fall, winter, and spring term.

PMCB requirements (partial listing)

  • CONJ 650 Practice and Ethics of Science
  • CONJ 661 Structure and Function of Biological Molecules
  • CONJ 662 Genetic Mechanisms
  • CONJ 663 Bioregulation
  • CONJ 664 Cell Structure and Function
  • Two of the CONJ series electives (CONJ 665, 667, 668, 669) offered in the spring term. Students may request permission from the PMCB to substitute an advanced graduate course of equal or greater credit for one of the required CONJ spring courses. For example, students planning to join MMI frequently substitute MBIM 608 (Advanced Virology) or MBIM 612 (Advanced Immunology) for a spring CONJ elective because these courses are offered only every other year. Note that an advanced course taken in place of a CONJ elective does not fulfill the MMI requirement for three additional graduate courses beyond the PMCB requirements.
  • Three terms of laboratory rotations
All PMCB requirements and MMI elective requirements must be satisfied before advancement to candidacy.  It is expected that MMI electives be completed by the end of year 3 the latest.

The MMI graduate program guidelines are available here, updated 2019.