Chair's Corner

We work for others...

We strive for excellence...

We have a shared mission to Care, Teach, and Investigate.

Welcome Message from our Chair

Fergus Coakley, MD

I am delighted you are visiting our website. As Chair since 2012, I am proud to be part of the OHSU family, and to lead a department that is increasingly central to the practice and evolution of modern medicine. I hope you enjoy exploring this site and learning more about our Department. The mission of OHSU Diagnostic Radiology is to provide clinical, educational, and research excellence in imaging for OHSU patients, physicians, scientists, and trainees. This mission statement encompasses three key aspects of what we do:

Whether you are a patient, family member, scientist, or healthcare professional, we aim to provide you with the highest standards of diagnostic radiology practice

We work for others.

As a service department, we are dedicated to delivering high quality imaging for our patients, to produce reports for their health care providers that are accurate and informative, and to be readily available for consultation.

We strive for excellence.

Our goal is to treat each patient as we would like to be treated ourselves. Providing professional and compassionate care is the expected standard throughout our department.

We have a shared mission to care, teach, and investigate.

As OHSU continues to develop as a world class academic medical center, we are committed to advancing the role of imaging in clinical care and research, and to educate and collaborate with the next generation of scientists and physicians. Clinical care, education, and imaging research are the three key components of our work.

As some practical examples, we have introduced new clinical services such as endorectal prostate MRI, MRI-guided prostate biopsy, and lutetium based theranostic therapy. We have greatly expanded the range of imaging services at our Beaverton Clinic off SW 158th Avenue and are working to remodel and expand the radiology clinic at the Center for Health and Healing as CHH2 is being finalized, including a new Breast Imaging Center that will open at the waterfront in the spring of 2019 . We remain part of the ACR registry that tracks and minimizes radiation doses and we are proud of our successful and ongoing efforts to maintain and grow a faculty that is committed to our triple mission and that embodies the institutional values of excellence, diversity, and integrity.

Fergus Coakley, MD
Chair of Diagnostic Radiology
Oregon Health and Science University