Imaging Section


Philips Ingenia 3.0T MRI

Diagnostic Radiology employs sub-specialized radiologists and several full-time staff physicists. We have a multitude of reading rooms equipped with PACS workstations for reviewing and dictating scans. Image processing workstations including Philips, Invivo, and AGFA are available for image analysis, perfusion, DTI, and functional MR imaging processing.

OHSU maintains 9 MRI magnets including:
  • 3 Philips 3T wide bore Ingenia
  • Philips 3T Achieva
  • Philips 1.5T wide bore Ingenia
  • 2 Philips 1.5T Achieva
  • Philips 1T high field open MRI
  • Siemens 3T intraoperative

All MRI scanners include state-of-the-art echo-planar imaging, MR spectroscopy, Susceptibility Weighted Imaging (SWI), Diffusion Tensor Imaging with Fiber tracking, Functional MRI, and MRI Perfusion including ASL and DSC methods.

OHSU maintains 9 CT units including:
  • Phillips ICT 256
  • Toshiba Aquillion
  • 2 Philips 64
  • 3 Philips 16 multidetector
  • 2 hybrid Philips 16 scanners, including a PET/CT and SPECT/CT
Diagnostic Radiology also has a multitude of ultrasound, fluoro and x-ray rooms in almost all clinical buildings. In addition, the Dotter Interventional Institute houses Philips Biplane digital and OEC intraoperative angiographic units, doppler, intraoperative and transcranial ultrasound. The Dotter Interventional Institute research facilities are also available for angiographic and interventional research with two animal labs equipped with angiographic units.

OHSU provides ample opportunity for direct radiology research and collaborative research with the clinical subspecialties. There are extensive online resources and journals available through the OHSU library. The Advanced Imaging Research Center (AIRC) specializes in biomedical research with a focus in MR science and houses 3 magnets including a Siemens 3T, a Philips 7T, and a 12T animal magnet. In 2016, OHSU opened the Center for Radiochemistry Research. The center has lab space, clean rooms for the synthesis of diagnostic agents and a cyclotron for isotope generation.

Nuclear Medicine 2-headed Camera