Department Research

The Department of Diagnostic Radiology provides advanced equipment and expert staff critical to visualizing the inner workings of the human body, including but not limited to accurate diagnoses of diseases and a better understanding of the effectiveness of drug treatments. A number of our faculty, fellows, residents, and technical staff initiate or lend their expertise to research projects that work to improve human health across the state of Oregon and beyond.

Biomedical Imaging Research

Biomedical Imaging plays a crucial role in improving public healthcare by improving imaging detection, monitoring, and treatment of disease. Radiology faculty, fellows, and residents are increasingly contributing to the breadth and diversity of the research activities at OHSU. With a wide spectrum of available imaging facilities and resources, such as the Advanced Imaging Research Center (AIRC), Knight Cancer Institute (KCI), Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute (OCTRI), and the new Radiochemistry Center, our work with interdisciplinary teams across the institution and the nation continues to grow.

Our continued commitment to research...

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Last year (FY16), Diagnostic Radiology faculty members were awarded nearly $500K in grant funding for their research projects. Many of our most notable and well-funded projects address challenges in cancer diagnosis and treatment, such as:
  • Improved accuracy and patient experience in prostate cancer diagnosis;
  • Effectiveness of immune therapy in the treatment of pancreatic cancer;
  • Detection of breast cancer cells in blood pre-biopsy; and
  • Improving the survival and quality of life of those with aggressive brain tumors (gliomas).
Radiology Week graphic