September's ROSE Award

Celebrating a Family Medicine Hero

10/19/17  Portland, Ore.


Pictured: Maria Sandoval at September's ROSE Award Ceremony

South Waterfront staff member, Maria Sandoval, was recognized for her efforts in saving a baby's life. Her nomination, submitted by Jeanine Smith, reads:

"Recently, Maria Sandoval, who is one of our medical assistants, entered an exam room only to encounter a distraught Mom holding newborn baby that wasn't breathing. Maria immediately grabbed the baby and began to pat the baby on the back (the baby had been crying so hard that he choked and stopped breathing momentarily). 

As Maria continued to pat, the mom continued to panic. Maria calmly instructed Mom to hit our alert button. As several staff members began to come and assist, Maria again said very calmly, 'I need a doctor.' Once the doctor arrived, the baby had regained consciousness and the mom was so relieved. 

It was because of Maria's calm demeanor that Mom was able to keep it together as much as possible. Maria not only saved the baby she saved the mother." 

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