Dr. Christina Milano Finalist for Faculty Senate Award

Recognized for Quality Work, LGBTQ Advocacy

06/07/17  Portland, Ore.

Christina Milano

Family Medicine's Christina Milano, M.D. was selected in may as a finalist for a Faculty Senate Award. The Distinguished Faculty Awards Program was established by OHSU's Faculty Senate to recognize outstanding performance by faculty members. Below is Dr. Milano's nomination:

"Dr. Christina Milano is an incredibly compassionate primary care physician and supportive member of the team at OHSU Family Medicine at Richmond. As a family physician, she has dedicated her career to making quality health care accessible to members of underserved communities. Much of her academic, clinical, and service work has centered on practice and care transformation, and she has been recognized as an expert and leader in the field of ambulatory health care transformation. 

Dr. Milano has developed new tools for facilitating appropriate preventive health care, for increasing efficiency of work between faculty and medical assistants, for integrating the electronic health record into good patient care, and for optimizing workflows in the clinic. Her work creating a high-functioning multidisciplinary team to engage with and support their most vulnerable patients resulted in demonstrable improvements in the quality of care for patients with chronic diseases and has helped reduce health disparities at the Richmond clinic. 

Dr. Milano's expertise has earned the confidence of multiple Portland-area health systems and the local government, resulting in her helping to restructure Oregon's Medicaid program and being asked to serve as the Medical Director of CareOregon Metro's Tri County Providers. 

Dr. Milano is a passionate and effective leader advancing care for transgender patients. She was an early advocate for, and partner in creation of, what became the OHSU Transgender Health Program, and serves on several community-level committees and panels related to transgender care. 

Dr. Milano serves as a mentor and resource for her colleagues and the broader LGBTQ community. She provides transformational feedback and advice to peers, helping support them and their work, and serves as a role model."