Family Medicine in the News

June / July 2017

08/28/17  Portland, Ore.

Family Medicine in the News

Pictured: Tovi Anderson, M.D. appeared on the evening news with tips to stay healthy during Portland's heat wave.

Heat Wave Safety Tips

As the heat wave hit Oregon, both KGW and KATU News stopped by for safety tips from Tovi Anderson, M.D.. KATU's interview can be found here, and KGW's story is here.

A Call for Chief Primary Care Medical Officers

Jennifer DeVoe, M.D., D.Phil. co-authored "The Chief Primary Care Medical Officer: Restoring Continuity," which was quoted in stories by RevCycle Intelligence and Healthcare Informatics.

Protesting Trump's Transgender Ban

Christina Milano, M.D. penned an opinion piece for the New York Times following recent legislation, which was featured in multiple places (read it here).

"A Seismic Effect" on Patient Care 

Carol Blenning, M.D. and Christina Milano, M.D. were featured in the School of Medicine's Story, "A Seismic Effect' on Patient Care," announcing the receipt of their Professional Staff awards and highlights some of their incredible work.

Farm-to-patient Program Changes Lives

Mutlnomah County published, "Affordable and Organic Farm Shares Improve Health, Build Community for Low-income Families." The story features the great work of Richmond and other community partners to help our patients get the food, and food education, they need.

SBIRT and Reimbursement

Jim Winkle, M.P.H. is quoted in Institute for Research, Education &Training in Addictions (IRETA) article, "By Itself, Reimburement Doesn't Expand SBIRT."