Gabriel Park is a Bright Spot in Primary Care

Recognized by Center of Excellence

01/17/17  Portland, Ore.

OHSU Family Medicine at Gabriel Park

OHSU Family Medicine Gabriel Park has been highlighted as a "Bright Spot" primary care practice by the Center of Primary Care Excellence at University of California San Francisco. The Center published an explanation specifically recognizing Gabriel Park's exemplary model of educating its residents.

The explanation notes that Gabriel Park's high level of success is attributable to the clinic's engaged leadership, well-developed scheduling methods, data-driven improvement goals, excellent team structure, and quality patient care.

The overall goal of Gabriel Park – and all of our Family Medicine clinics – "is 'for resident physicians to become compassionate, competent clinicians and partners who provide patient centered, team based care in all primary care settings.'" Part of how Gabriel Park accomplishes this is by focusing on their "vibe" which comprises three words, "trustworthy, compassionate, and professional," and by keeping an eye on their ground rules "to treat each other with respect and work with each other cooperatively."  

Authors of the honor conclude, "The OHSU family medicine residency program has important lessons to teach other primary care residency programs … The  OHSU model should be considered by residency programs with large, resident‐heavy teaching clinics."

To read the whole story and learn more about how Gabriel Park serves as an example for other primary care clinics, click here.