February's JADECOM Visitors

Meet This Month's Visitors from Japan

02/05/18  Portland, Ore.

OHSU Family Medicine and Japan Association for the Development of Community Medicine (JADECOM) have partnered to create an International Residency Exchange Program.

JADECOM residents visit OHSU Family Medicine in Portland, Oregon for rotations that typically last three months. During their rotations JADECOM residents participate in a variety of activities including medical classes, meetings, Faculty Development sessions, clinical observations, and rotations at a variety of rural health care centers located throughout Oregon. To learn more about our Japanese exchange program, JADECOM, click here.

Below are our visitors for February, 2018.

Mayu Kikuchi

KikuchiMayu Kikuchi is a medical student from Hirosaki University. She is currently in her last year of medical school, and is expecting to graduate in March and start her junior residency in April. Ms. Kikuchi is interested in Family Medicine, General Medicine and primary care, and has actively attended related workshops since her third year of medical school. During her fourth year she also led the exhibition related to medicine to provide learning opportunities for people in her community. At OHSU, she is hoping to learn how physician-patient relationships are established and about resident education.

Hirosaki University was established in 1949 and has five different fields: Medicine, Science &Technology, Humanities, Education, and Agriculture &Life Science. Located in Aomori prefecture, the northernmost on Japan's main island, Hirosaki city is famous for apples and its annual Nebuta Festival.

Kaihei Masuda 

MasudaKaihei Masuda is a 6th year medical student visiting from Hokkiado University;he will be graduating in March and will start his junior residency in April. Founded as Sapporo Agricultural College in 1876, the school became Hokkaido University in 1947. The School of Medicine was established in 1919, and the University is also home to Education, Law, Engineering, Economics, Agriculture, and other programs.

Mr. Masuda wants to be a doctor of internal medicine because he'd like to be able to take care of the whole body. He had an opportunity to observe a family physician for a half day at Thomas Jefferson University, and found himself interested in family medicine and how family physicians take care of patients. From his learning opportunity at OHSU FM he'd like to find out what is needed to provide good care in Japan and also learn good clinical communication skills. In his free time, Mr. Masuda plays with his University handball club.

Dr. Wataru Sasaki 

SasakiDr. Wataru Sasaki practices in the Higashidori village clinic in Aomori prefecture. Dr. Sasaki was born and raised in Aichi prefecture, and his parents and twin brother (a doctor of Psychiatry) still live there. After becoming a doctor, Dr. Sasaki worked at a hospital in Tokyo before moving to Higashidori village, situated in the countryside along the Pacific coast. He sees parallels between rural areas in Oregon and Higashidori village in that they are wide open, rich in nature, and home to few people.

The Higashidori Clinic is the only medical institution in the village, and fills many roles in the community, including outpatient, inpatient, homecare, nursing care, day services, and rehabilitation care. Only Dr. Sasaki and one other doctor work at this clinic, in addition to one or two residents. While visiting OHSU he would like to study the healthcare and welfare systems of the US, and bring back some positive ideas to introduce to the Higashidori Clinic.