April's JADECOM Visitors

Meet This Month's Visitors from Japan

04/05/18  Portland, Ore.

OHSU Family Medicine and Japan Association for the Development of Community Medicine (JADECOM) have partnered to create an International Residency Exchange Program.

JADECOM residents visit OHSU Family Medicine in Portland, Oregon for rotations that typically last three months. During their rotations JADECOM residents participate in a variety of activities including medical classes, meetings, Faculty Development sessions, clinical observations, and rotations at a variety of rural health care centers located throughout Oregon. To learn more about our Japanese exchange program, JADECOM, click here.

Below are our visitors for April, 2018.

Motohiko Adomi

Motohiko AdomiHometown: Annaka, Gunma, Japan

School: University of Tsukuba

Brief description of your hometown and family:

My hometown Annaka is 3 hours away from Tokyo by train; this rural city is in the countryside, surrounded by mountains. The Gunma prefecture is famous for skiing and hot springs. Many young people are leaving rural areas and heading for metropolises, and my hometown is not an exception.

I have parents and one younger sister. My parents are originally from western Japan, and moved to Annaka after they married. My father was a researcher, majored in semiconductors and received his Master's degree at the University of Illinois. They are kind and loved me and younger sister.


I have gone through very orthodox rural Japanese schooling; I was taught in public schools and I went to cram school before taking the university entrance exam. I was raised in my hometown until 18 years old, and then moved to Tsukuba to attend university. I entered medical school directly after graduation from high school, and am now in my 5th year of medical school. I learned basic medical subjects for the first three years after entering university, and then took the certification exam to practice in hospitals. I have just finished clinical practice.

Brief description of school/hospital/clinic:

I have finished clinical practice at a hospital, which lasted about a year. I have learned just the basic clinical skills, so I am grateful to be given this opportunity to learn clinical practice more deeply at OHSU. I currently belong to the Health Service Research laboratory at Tsukuba University, analyzing claims data from elderly patients who use medical and nursing service at hospitals, nursing facilities, and at home. I will graduate from the University in one year, and am I am planning to go to graduate school to get a PhD, after completing two years of internship.

Other info (family, special interests, etc):

I am deeply interested in public health as it has bigger influence on the population. I love public health policy and social epidemiology, so I also want to experience how Medicaid works in clinical settings in the U.S.A.

I would appreciate if anyone could share their ideas and thoughts about medicine, policy, and health systems with me!

Mr. Adomi will be at OHSU 4/2 - 4/13.

Takahiro Manabe

Takahiro ManabeHometown: Omuta, Fukuoka, Japan

School: Kagoshima University

Brief description of your hometown and family:

My hometown Omuta city in the Fukuoka prefecture; 35 percent of the population there is elderly. The city used to thrive on coal mining; however, as the aging population has grown, my hometown is losing its vigor.

My father is a gardener, my mother is a housewife, and my two elder sisters are a nurse and an office worker. All of my family members are very thoughtful.


October 2014 - Present: Kagoshima University, Faculty of Medicine, Kagoshima, Japan. [Major: Medicine]

April 2013 - September 2014: Master of Medical Science, Tsukuba University, Ibaraki, Japan.

April 2009 - March 2013: Tsukuba University, Faculty of Medicine, Ibaraki, Japan. [Major: Medical Science]

Brief description of school/hospital/clinic:

Kagoshima University was founded in 1943, so the university hospital has almost all of the hospital departments. Unfortunately however, we do not have a family medicine department, and thus I'm looking forward to studying family medicine.

Kagoshima prefecture has 28 remote islands with 171,652 people living there; many doctors work in these islands.

Other info (family, special interests, etc):

I'm a member of the university golf club, and I also like to play badminton. I like coffee, beer and wine—if you have any recommendations, please let me know.

Mr. Manabe will be at OHSU 4/16 - 4/27.