June's JADECOM Visitors

Meet This Month's Visitors from Japan

04/06/17  Portland, Ore.

OHSU Family Medicine and Japan Association for the Development of Community Medicine (JADECOM) have partnered to create an International Residency Exchange Program.

JADECOM residents visit OHSU Family Medicine in Portland, Oregon for rotations that typically last three months. During their rotations JADECOM residents participate in a variety of activities including medical classes, meetings, Faculty Development sessions, clinical observations, and rotations at a variety of rural health care centers located throughout Oregon. To learn more about our Japanese exchange program, JADECOM, click here.

Below are our visitors for June / July, 2017.

Hironori Yashiro

Hironori Yashiro

Describe your hometown and family: I grew up in a city called Osaka. Osaka is the second largest city in Japan. It is an unique place with its own culture, and it is quite interesting that almost every one loves watching comedy. 

The food is interesting as well, and I love the food called "okonomiyaki," which is a Japanese styled pizza. I have two brothers, and one of them lives with my parents together, and the other lives in Sapporo. I currently live in Ishikawa, which is located along the Sea of Japan. It rains a lot in Ishikawa, which makes the climate humid. There is great sushi in Ishikawa as well.

Tell us about your education: I graduated Doshisha International High School, which is located in Kyoto. Since it is an international school, there were many students who had the experience of living abroad somewhere in foreign countries. Currently I attend the Kanazawa Medical University, and I am expecting to graduate next year.

Describe your hospital / clinic: Kanazawa Medical University is the only medical university located along the Sea of Japan. It was established in 1972, and it is a relatively new medical university. There are about 110 students per year, and since Japanese Medical School is 6 years long, there is more that 600 students in total. 

What else should we know? I enjoy playing golf on weekends, and love drinking coffee and beer. I hope to have a great time in Oregon!

Takeshi Takahashi


Tell us about your hometown and family: My hometown Niigata prefecture is about 200km Nouth from Tokyo. It takes about 90 minutes from Tokyo by super express. In winter, we have a lot of snow. At the entrance of our clinic, about 2 meters or more snow will be piled up.

Tell us about your hospital / clinic: I got a specialist qualification (Japan Primary Care Association certified family physician) in 2013. At the same time,Yukiakari clinic opened at Minamiuonuma, Niigata, and I became a first clinic manager and administrator of the clinic. My clinic is at south area of Minamiuonuma. About 4000 people live in this area, and Yukiakari clinic is the only medical institution. I am the only doctor in the clinic, and work as a family physician.

What else should we know about you? I enjoy skiing, playing golf, and watching soccer.