January ROSE Award

Medical Student Helps a Patient in Need

02/07/18  Portland, Ore.

Shira Einstein

In January, OHSU honored medical student, Shira Einstein, with a ROSE award for her selfless efforts in helping a patient when she needed it the most. Shira's nomination, written by Ben Schneider, M.D., reads:

Shira Einstein is a 4th year medical student currently on a Family Medicine Special Elective that I would like to recognize for going above and beyond to provide care and comfort to a patient last week.

Unfortunately, a patient of mine presented to clinic at 31 weeks gestational age with decreased fetal movement and mild pelvic cramping. Shira was the first to see the patient and was present throughout a difficult clinic visit where we were unable to hear or see fetal heart tones on ultrasonography. While I arranged for a bed on Labor and Delivery, Shira physically escorted the patient up to the hospital and remained by her side for much of the next three days (and nights). Shira was at the bedside throughout much of the patients induction of labor for an unexpected third trimester fetal demise [death] and was ultimately there for the 4am delivery just before Thanksgiving. She was able to provide a consistent and supportive face as many of the medical teams rotated on and off to both the patient and her family.

Shira demonstrated an incredible attitude throughout this event, she came to work last Monday expecting to be in clinic 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and was quick to put aside her own needs to focus on those of the scared, distraught patient that she found in front of her. It is this ability to be present in the moment with people, to place the needs others in crisis above one's own desires that was so impressive. I know without a doubt that these skills will serve Shira's patients well in the future.

I saw the patient this morning in clinic for follow up and she is incredibly appreciative of the care that she received from our team - of which Shira was a huge contributor.