May ROSE Award: David Stevens, R.N.

Former ER Nurse Brings His Skills to Family Medicine

05/31/18  Portland, Ore.

 Dave Stevens holds his ROSE award

In May, OHSU honored South Waterfront's Dave Stevens, R.N., with a ROSE award for jumping in not once - but twice - when medical emergencies came into the clinic. His nomination, from clinic manager Jeanine Smith, reads:

David Stevens came to us from the [OHSU] ER a year ago. A couple of weeks after he arrived we had a patient code in our lobby. His ER mentality immediately kicked in and he took control of the situation and helped us to facilitate the emergent situation without even thinking twice. What we only see occasionally, he has obviously seen regularly and it was evident on that day. 

I noticed it and acknowledged him in our clinic, but neglected to submit a ROSE nomination. One year later, we had a patient who came for an office visit and began to have a stroke. Dave, who just happened to be walking by, jumped in to assist the physician as well as the assigned nurse. Once again his ER instincts kicked in with Dave grabbing suction cups and assisting the paramedics to the point where the paramedic had to ask, "Hey where did you come from?" and Dave modestly replied, "Oh I'm from the ER". 

The paramedic noted how much it pays to have an ER nurse on your team and I couldn't agree more! Dave is probably the most selfless nurse I've ever met as in both of the above instances, neither time was this his patient. He just happened to be walking by. We are so fortunate to have him on our team, and our patients are very fortunate as well. He is an amazing nurse and a true asset to our team.

Photo: Dave Stevens, R.N. (right) accepts his ROSE Award (EdComm/OHSU)