Fran Biagioli, MD Joins Pink Phoenix Dragon Boat Team Paddle

Breast Cancer Survivors "Bring It"

05/26/16  Portland, Ore.

Pink Phoenix Boat

Springtime in Portland brings with it many wonderful things - cherry blossoms, sun breaks, and dragon boat teams gliding up and down the Willamette. One such team is not quite like the others, however - identified by their pink life jackets and joyous cheers, the Pink Phoenix Dragon Boat Team™ is composed solely of breast cancer survivors. Rain or shine, these teams hit the river with their "bring it" attitudes.

Fran BiagioliEach year, Pink Phoenix members invite health care providers who support breast cancer survivors to paddle with them in the Health Care Provider Paddle.

The annual Provider Paddle allows physicians and other clinicians to paddle side-by-side with their patients to experience the energy and morale boosting effects of the Pink Phoenix team dynamic.

This year, Fran Biagioli, M.D. joined patient, Tracy Podrabsky, for the ride.

"It's great that there is a mix of women in different phases of recovery," said Dr. Biagioli. "Some are still going through chemo," she observed, "and you can tell it's good for them to be around women who can share their experiences and encourage each other."

"Plus," Dr. Biagioli added, "it's a great work out!"

For more information about the team, read their story here.