November ROSE Award | Julie Flindt, R.N.

Celebrating a Family Medicine Hero

12/18/17  Portland, Ore.

Julie Flindt, RN accepts her ROSE award, November 2017

Julie Flindt, R.N. accepts her award at November's ROSE Award ceremony (OHSU/EdComm)

Family Medicine at Richmond nurse, Julie Flindt, R.N., was nominated by colleague, Laurel Hallock-Koppelman, F.N.P., D.N.P., for her extraordinary work in helping a patient in need. Read the nomination below:

"Julie and I have been working with the amazing team at Richmond with a particular patient for the past two years. It's involved our BHC / SW [behavioral health / social work] team and countless others who have provided this patient with care that goes beyond the everyday. 

After suffering a heart attack, the patient was told that she must stay close to her surgical team here in Portland. Being from Southern Oregon, this was isolating and scary. When she met us at Richmond she was in bad shape: in pain from her surgery and uncontrolled medical problems. While she previously suffered from agoraphobia and high aversion towards the medical system, the patient has now become so comfortable in our clinic.

This past spring, the patient received more bad news: a poor diagnosis. She would need to come in for day surgery immediately.

Julie had insight into this patient's history and knew that she had a hard time receiving medical treatment in the past and would likely refuse this much needed procedure. Because of this, Julie spent hours arranging for the patient to have an admission the day before her treatment. She coordinated with the GI team, inpatient family medicine, insurance coordinators, and even with the patient's family to make sure someone could watch her dog at home! 

And what did the patient say? That she is forever grateful, that OHSU Family Medicine and Julie are the best."

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