November ROSE Award | Dr. Amelia Baker

Celebrating a Family Medicine Hero

12/17/17  Portland, Ore.

Amelia Baker, M.D. accepts her ROSE award

Resident physician, Amelia Baker, M.D., Ph.D. accepts her award at November's ROSE Award ceremony (OHSU/EdComm)

Gabriel Park resident, Amelia Baker, M.D., Ph.D. was nominated for a ROSE Award by a grateful patient. The nomination reads:

"I met Dr. Baker in February of 2016 when I first discovered I was pregnant. My pregnancy was anything but textbook. Mono-Di twins with multiple other factors kept me firmly in the high risk category. Throughout every scary, uncertain moment, Dr. Baker was there, going above and beyond to be sure I was well taken care of. 

When I was admitted at 34 weeks due to pre-eclampsia, I wasn't in my room more than 10 minutes before I got a call from Dr. Baker, reassuring me of all the positives, verifying that I understood the diagnosis and reasoning for being admitted, and confirming I was in a safe and comfortable place to express any anxieties or fears. She did the same when my condition took a turn for the worse, when the decision was made to start the induction, and again at 3am mid-induction when I felt like I couldn't handle it any more. 

And when we were in the operating room, with dozens of faces behind masks that I couldn't recognize, she was there, too. Calming me down, encouraging me, and delivering my babies. Here I am now, four days shy of my boys' first birthday, writing this nomination from a recliner in my son's hospital room at Doernbecher. This is our second hospitalization in the span of a week due to my son having some difficulties with his kidneys. The problem was determined during an office visit with a different provider, as Dr. Baker wasn't in clinic, but I heard from her the moment his lab work determined there was a problem. 

Once he was admitted, she was at the hospital visiting my son, again offering explanations. When she wasn't able to physically be here, she called, sent MyChart messages, and even reached out to fellow Family Medicine providers to ask them to touch base and let us know she's in the loop and available if we need anything. 

I know ROSE awards are typically given to individuals who go above and beyond in one particular situation or circumstance. However, Dr. Baker has gone above and beyond in EVERY situation and circumstance. She embodies what it means to be a family doctor. Her dedication to the care she provides to myself and, more importantly, my children is beyond what I would ever have expected or hoped for. There is no person more deserving of recognition for their efforts and compassion than Dr. Amelia Baker."

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