Rose City Rollers Snag Championship

With Help of OHSU Family Medicine Faculty

10/26/17  Portland, Ore.

Rose City Rollers proudly stand with their championship medals

Rose City Rollers' Axles of Annihilation (including Family Medicine's, Dr. Amanda Risser) stand proudly with their Championship medals. Credit: Phantom Photographics.

This month, the Rose City Rollers' Axles of Annihilation (AoA) fought their way to a national "B-Team" Championship title in a grueling competition in Tampa, Florida (full recap here).

We're not only excited because this derby team calls Portland home, but because our very own faculty member, Amanda Risser, M.D., is an Axles of Annihilation roller herself. 

Dr. Risser credits much of her team's success to the support of OHSU Sports Medicine - specifically Ryan Petering, M.D.. In a personal example, Dr. Risser writes: 

"I sprained my medial gastrocnemius [a large muscle in the calf] in a dramatic and excruciating way the Sunday before this tournament. I was VERY motivated to play, saw Melissa Novak [D.O.], got a referral to PT, got some follow up care track side at our practice space from Ryan [Petering, M.D.] the day before I left and I was healed by their interventions enough to play heavily all three games. I was THRILLED."