Meet Cascades East's Class of 2020

Rural Residency Welcomes Eight Newcomers

04/06/17  Portland, Ore.

1,105 applications and 96 interviews later, our rural residency program at Cascades East selected the eight doctors who will spend the next three years learning and practicing family medicine in Klamath Falls, Oregon.


Rita AulieRita Aulie

Christopher HagenChristopher Hagen
Virginia Commonwealth University
Hanna HartmanHannah Hartman
University of Utah
Hannah JantziHannah Jantzi
Wright State University
Kyleen LuhrsKyleen Luhrs
University of Washington
Lisa PearsonLisa Pearson
Matthew PetersMatthew Peters
University of Washington

Thomas Raines-MorrisThomas Raines-Morris
Tulane University