Faculty Development Archive

Faculty Learning Communities

2013 - 2014

Teaching and Technology (on-line only) 

A community interested in sharing contemporary ideas and knowledge regarding teaching, technology and the nexus of the two.

Competency Based Medical Education

A community for sharing ideas about competency-based education and how it applies to our departmental education efforts.This is particularly important in the light of the ACGME changes and the changes to the undergraduate curriculum.

Academic Nuts & Bolts

A community interested in sharing ideas, tips and tricks about a host of academic topics including improving your CV or Educator's Portfolio, time management, and promotion.

Developing and Using Clinical Data to Improve Health

A community focused on learning how to develop clinical and operational questions in a manner that can be answered from data available from scorecards and other clinical reports. Other potential topics include: learning how to develop an action plan that may include training of staff and clinicians and monitoring of outcomes.

2014 -2015

Foundations of Family Medicine

A look at our present-day work through the lens of our historic literature. We will discuss selected readings from the 1950s through present time that will shed light on the underpinnings of today's practice of primary care with an emphasis on the clinical encounter (as opposed to health policy).  Authors might include: Ian McWhinney, George Engel, Ed Pellegrino, Ivan Ilitch, Iona Heath, Enid/Michael Balint, G.Gayle Stephens. Direction of readings will be determined by the group during our sessions. Participants must be willing to read up to 50 pages/month and come eager to discuss and think outside the box.

Survey Design: Getting it right makes all the difference

In this FLC, participants will design surveys using best practices and sound research principles. Included will be discussion of a process for developing and testing surveys and how to avoid pitfalls.

Flipping the Classroom: An exploration of various strategies for active learning

In this FLC we will explore strategies for flipping the classroom as well as other active learning tactics. Active learning is a way of engaging learners to do things as well as reflect on what they are doing. Together flipped classroom teaching is one version of active learning – the goal of all of which is to shift responsibility of learning onto the adult learners.

Curriculum Design: Creating innovative and effective curricula

In this FLC, participants will work together to design and develop curricula using an outcomes-oriented approach and building an evaluation strategy from the outset. Included will be component steps in curriculum design including needs assessment, writing objectives, choosing educational strategies and outcomes evaluation.

2015 - 2016

Planning your Educational Project with Publishing in Mind

The purpose of this community is to outline activities and provide coaching on skills to assist faculty in planning and executing an educational activity that can be published. Component topics include: a step-wise approach to getting started, creating an evaluation strategy, collecting evaluation data, and getting started with writing. Bring your educational project to this FLC and we'll use the group's brain power to help you move it to the next step.

Exploring the Family in Family Medicine

From the earliest days of our specialty, there has been tension between personal health care and population-based care. But a third way of thinking about our work is a family-centered approach to care. There is along and rich history of collaboration between family systems medicine, family therapy, and family medicine. This learning collaborative will explore this literature and facilitate discussion about how such a care model might be implemented in modern practice.


2016 -2017

Faculty Nuts & Bolts

The purpose of this Learning Collaborative is to help participants with the many faculty tasks that are difficult to fit into your busy schedules, such as updating your CV, crafting your Educator's Portfolio, or figuring out the AVU system. Additionally, this FLC will be a forum to discuss and reflect on other career aspects such as: steps to promotion, making choices in academics, and getting the mentoring you need.

How to Critically Appraise Healthcare Literature: An Evidence-Based Medicine Approach

The purpose of this Learning Collaborative is to help participants become more proficient at critical appraisal of healthcare literature. We will review some basic concepts of evidence-based medicine through several readings and practice appraising journal articles together.

The skills gained in this Learning Collaborative would be useful for:

  • Answering clinical questions in your practice
  • Teaching residents or students
  • Peer reviewing manuscripts for journal
  • Understanding the evidence base of practice guidelines
  • Providing guidance for a monthly "Evidence-Based Answers" session with the FM residents

Health Equity

The purpose of this group is to highlight the importance of using equity lens when approaching our work in the healthcare field and develop faculty skill in the topic areas below to promote a more inclusive community and better health outcomes for all. There will be readings and videos to review outside of meetings times. 

Topics covered will likely include:

  • Health Equity 101: Terminology and building blocks of equity
  • The current state of equity (or inequity) in Oregon
  • Community engagement
  • Implicit bias and its impact on medicine/health
  • Discussing race
  • Power and privilege
  • Health literacy, language standards
  • Equity in data collection, analysis, and presentation
  • Developing a diverse workforce