Family Medicine Interest Group


The Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is a group of medical students who share an interest in a career in the specialty of Family Medicine.


FMIG offers a wide a variety of activities for medical students throughout the year.  These includes hands-on workshops (such as suturing, circumcision, maternity care, sports medicine), lectures (topics have included Family Medicine and Politics, Changes in Health Care Systems, and Residency Interview Preparation) and student social events.

OHSU FMIG is the recipient of the 2017 Program of Excellence Award from the American Academy of Family Physicians for outstanding leadership and outreach.


Many opportunities are available for leadership through FMIG at the local, state and national levels, including:

  • FMIG offices, such as co-chair, class representative, membership chair and committee chairs

  • Membership on AAFP committees (national level)

  • Membership on OAFP committees (state level)

  • Delegate roles at state, regional and national meeting