Why Four Years?

OHSU's four-year program is designed to prepare physicians for the rapidly changing healthcare landscape and growing complexity of patient care. Our curriculum better prepares residents for their future careers by offering increased maternity care and inpatient experiences plus training in population health, team-based care, leadership, information management, and behavioral medicine. Residents also have significantly more elective opportunities to tailor their education in Global Health, Women and Children, Comprehensive Medicine, Rural Health, or Academics and Research. The depth of knowledge and breadth of experience provide by the curriculum is unmatched.

Employers value our four-year graduates for their strong clinical skills and ability to hit the ground running. As a result, our graduates are in demand, going on to provide full spectrum care in academic and community hospitals, working in private practices, becoming university faculty, and taking their knowledge and skills to communities where it is needed most.

If you are driven to maximize your potential and make an impact with you medical career, then our four-year Family Medicine Residency Program is for you.

Read more about our decision to transition to a four-year program here.