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Department of Medicine Organizational Chart

Meet the Department of Medicine administrative and leadership team:

Department Chair and Vice Chairs

  • Dr. David Jacoby, Chair
  • Dr. Morgan Hakki, Vice Chair - Clinical Programs
  • Dr. Tom Cooney, Vice Chair - Education
  • Dr. Ken Scalapino, Vice Chair - VA Affairs
  • Dr. David Lewinsohn, Vice Chair - Research
  • Dr. Andrea Cedfeldt, Vice Chair - Faculty Development
  • Brent Carreau, Vice Chair - Administration


  • Dr. Sima Desai, Internal Medicine Residency Program Director
  • Dr. Kerry Rhyne, Clerkship Director - Core Clinical Experiences
  • Dr. Rebecca Harrison, Clerkship Director - Elective Clinical Experiences
  • Dr. Angela Alday, Inpatient Quality Improvement Director
  • Dr. Pavan Chopra, Outpatient Quality Improvement Director


  • Amber Roberts, Manager - Research Development
  • Kimberlee Padgett, Grants and Contracts Coordinator


  • Carly Edeline, Finance Administrator
  • Nadine Pressly, Revenue Cycle Manager


  • Maura Cooney, HR Manager
  • Dezmoree Johnson, Office Manager
  • Marti Mendenhall, Quality Project Coordinator
  • Mary Liefeld, Clinical Services Manager (Timeshare, Rheumatology and Diabetes)

Division faculty and staff may be viewed on the individual division pages.


Education administration faculty and staff may be viewed on the Internal Medicine Residency page or the individual  Fellowship program pages.

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