Critical Care Medicine

Sunrise From MNP 4124Our program in Critical Care Medicine has been training fellows continuously since 2002 in the Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine. Our mission is to train outstanding intensivists. The majority of our successful applicants undertake a two year fellowship having completed residency in internal medicine or emergency medicine. We also accept applications for one year training in CCM from people who have already completed subspecialty fellowships.  We recruit physicians who are committed to becoming outstanding intensivists and demonstrate a determined interest in research. In addition to collaboration with PCCM fellows, our CCM fellows share rotations and conferences with other CCM fellows specializing in neuro Critical Care, trauma Critical Care, and anesthesiology Critical Care.


The Portland VA and OHSU are connected by the longest pedestrian skybridge in the US. Photo Courtesy of Oregon.govWe are able to offer a rich training experience in many hospitals and ICU types. This ensures a diverse case-mix and high quality training in medical critical care fortified by full engagement in rotations in cardiothoracic, neurosciences, and trauma ICUs. Fellows will gain hands on experience utilizing advanced life support methods such as V-A ECMO, V-V ECMO, LVADs and other ventricular assist devices. In addition, OHSU is a site for multiple clinical studies, including NIH PETAL network, providing exposure to cutting edge clinical studies.



Dr. Nonas teaching trainees in the Mark Richardson Simulation Center. Photo courtesy of K2 NewsOther popular and important training opportunities include an airway rotation (most fellows perform 50-100 intubations), bronchoscopy training by interventional pulmonology, bedside nursing skills and respiratory therapy training, ultrasound training, and echocardiography training. Under the leadership of Jeff Gold (PCCM Faculty) the OHSU Simulation Center has developed multiple opportunities for simulation training of CCM fellows including central line placement, thoracentesis, and CPR. In addition to these standards, we have also developed simulation training for Out of Operating Room Airway Management, Code, Sepsis, Ventilator Management, and optimal use of the EHR.


Nerve TerminalsA two year fellowship in CCM includes approximately 9 monthsof protected research time. The T32 training grant is available to support additional years of research training. We provide research training in laboratory and clinical research methods (Drs. Malinoski & Phillips).  In addition to faculty in PCCM, CCM fellows have also worked with mentors in the department of surgery on laboratory-based and clinical projects. Additional classroom based training in research methods is available via the Human Investigator Program.          

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Dr. Stephen Smith

Dr. Stephen Smith, Associate Program Director in charge of Critical Care Medicine

Fellowship Coordinator:
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Mail Code UHN67
Portland, Oregon 97239-3098
Phone: 503-494-6158