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2017 & 2018 PCCM & CCM Graduating Fellows


 The PCCM and CCM Fellowship Programs were fully established at OHSU in 1957 and 2002 respectively. The main goal of both programs is to train outstanding physician-scientists. The first year of each program focuses on the development and refinement of strong clinical skills. Later the major training emphasis is placed on progression of the fellow's skills in research. We have refined the program to bring together intense clinical rotations, simulation training, exposure to teaching opportunities, and rigorous research experience to achieve our goal. Our collaboration between OHSU and VAPORHCS and three other hospitals in Portland, Oregon ensure we are able to deliver outstanding clinical training in CCM and PCCM. The successful and established PCCM research groups at OHSU & VAPORHCS provide the majority of research training to our fellows. Our areas of expertise in research span the range from clinical trials, to in laboratory invivo and in vitro non-human animal research, to outcomes research. These research experiences are backed up by substantial on-campus research expertise and considerable institutional support in the form of postgraduate educational courses and research cores and shared resources. 

OHSU in collaboration with VAPORHCS has designed their programs with the aim of addressing the short fall of physician-scientists in pulmonary and critical care medicine at a time of unprecedented growth in scientific knowledge, and the application of that knowledge to the care of the sickest patients.

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Ran Ran MD.

Following the success of his educational video on TCA overdose, Ran is busy Disneyfying the whole of CCM. Check out his animated videos below. You can also visit Dr. Ran's YouTube page to see all of his work.

In addition Ran is also producing instructional videos on procedures. Here's one on Elective Awake Fiberoptic Nasal Intubation.

Below is his most recent video on Airway Management in Critical Illness.