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The OHSU Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology offers patient services through the OHSU Center for Women's Health. 

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  • Current clinical trials in women's health

  • Information on women's health services and doctors at OHSU

  • Patient information on many women's health topics

  • Listings for classes and community events

  • Reports from PATH for Women, a nonpartisan source of women's health data and analysis for policymakers, advocates, and the general public


About the OHSU Center for Women's Health

The OHSU Center for Women's Health was founded in 1997 to define a new model of health care for women. The center is changing the health care experience for women by combining the best in clinical care with cutting-edge research and empowering patient education. For women in Oregon and throughout the Northwest, the center offers a new style and quality of care, centered on women and their families, and backed by the medical excellence of OHSU.

Comprehensive Care

Traditionally, most women have received fragmented care from specialists who have tended to focus only on a woman's physical and physiologic needs, ignoring the bigger picture.

Today, at the Center for Women's Health, women receive a more personal and more complete approach to well-being. Our doctors, nurses, and other specialists provide comprehensive care for women of all ages in all aspects of women's health. The need for this approach is reflected in the growing number of patient visits to the Center for Women's Health.

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Focus on Health and Prevention

The Center for Women's Health provides educational programs that promote healthy living and disease prevention. The center also provides access to health information in the Education Resource Center in the Center for Women's Health and through the Center for Women's Health Web site.


The Center for Women's Health promotes and participates in scientific investigation into gender-specific biology crossing the disciplines that impact on women's health. These research efforts are greatly enhanced by their coordination into a single, multi-disciplinary agenda focused on women's health. Our research efforts focus on gender differences in the etiology, prevention and treatment of diseases which affect both men and women, and on conditions and diseases unique to women.


The Center for Women's Health is actively reaching out to develop multidisciplinary approaches and foster collaborative research and communication among researchers, practitioners, policy makers and organizations to address diverse and complex issues that impact women's health.