Cytopathology Services

Based in Dillehunt Hall, the Cytopathology Division processes 12,000 gynecologic specimens, 5,000 non-gynecologic and 1,000 fine needle aspiration biopsies annually. We have six cytopathology faculty including Dr. Sauer, our Medical Director of Cytopathology, and Dr. Morgan, our Cytopathology Fellowship Program Director.

Cytopathology Faculty

David Sauer, MD

David A. Sauer, MD, Director of the Cytopathology Section, completed a Post-Sophomore Pathology Student Fellowship, AP/CP Residency and a Cytopathology Fellowship at OHSU. Dr. Sauer has extensive experience in interpretation of diagnostic image-guided FNA cytology including: U/Sg thyroid FNA, EUSg FNA, EBUSg FNA, CTg FNA and navigational bronchoscopy, and extensive experience in performance and interpretation of FNA of palpable lesions, especially head and neck neoplasms.

Terry Morgan, MD, PhD

Dr. Terry Morgan, MD, PhD, completed residency training, a surgical pathology fellowship and cytopathology fellowship at Stanford University Medical Center. Dr. Morgan is Program Director for OHSU's Cytopathology Fellowship and director of placental pathology.

Stephanie Yang, MD

Dr. Stephanie Yang, MD, completed her residency at Tufts Medical Center and fellowships in surgical pathology and cytopathology at University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Yang has special expertise in cytopathology and breast pathology.

The entire division of cytopathology has extensive experience performing and interpreting fine needle aspiration biopsies.

How To Request A Consultation

Please submit this requisition form with your consultation request. Please include a complete clinical history.

Consultation requests may be submitted to:

OHSU Department of Pathology
Mail code L471
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd
Portland, OR 97239

For additional information, please contact Surgical Pathology at 503 494-6776.