Pathology Student Interest Group

The Pathology Student Interest Group is a group of pathology enthusiasts who delve into the microscopic world of disease through a variety of activities. Students have the opportunity to observe autopsies and interact with experienced pathologists. Resident pathologists organize unique surgical case presentations which correlate to current coursework and provide clinical relevance to textbook concepts. Students also review slides with faculty mentors using multi-user scopes. Developing service projects include partnerships with local elementary and high school students to provide gross-anatomy-based pathologic findings related to health behaviors. Further opportunities are emerging as students mold the group to their interests; these include a visit to the state medical examiner and opportunities to attend conferences and dinner lectures hosted by the Oregon Pathologists Association.

Student Contacts:

Rosa Speranza

Katherine Runkel

Faculty Contacts: 

Nicole Andeen, M.D.
Phil Raess, M.D., Ph.D.